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My woes with WordPress 2.8

UPDATE: It looks as if the solution is “wait until updated plugins come out.” Since one or two of them (like Twitter Tools) are explicitly no longer being updated I may just degrade to 2.7. If you follow my twitter feed then you know that I have had trouble with the Dashboard after upgrading Targuman to WordPress 2.8. When I sent out a general plea on twitter whether or not it was possible to downgrade […]

New translation of Targum Lamentations

This is mostly a post to test the integration of my blog with twitter, but a separate post doesn’t hurt to emphasize that, at long last, I have updated/corrected my translation of TgLam. This translation is based upon Codex Vaticanus Urbinas Hebr. 1 (the images from the older but incomplete Solger MS can be found here as well). So you can find my updated translation on this site and on the NTCS site.  

New book on Lamentations

This week I have been trying to focus on research and writing. I was more successful than I expected, if  I am honest with you. One of the pieces I was working on was a chapter for a forthcoming book on the versions and receptions of the Book of Lamentations. This is shaping up to be a very nice volume and the editors have given me permission to share the TOC with you. In addition […]

Targumic source of John’s logos?

I am still not convinced but John Ronning has posted some thought provoking comments to a precious post of mine regarding the date of Targum Neofiti. You will need to read his comments at the post for the details but he concludes: Diez-Macho (editio princeps) suggested that the erasure of the waw is for the purpose of giving a Christian sense to the verse. Remember that the name “Neofiti” comes from the name of the […]