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Can one be “de-baptized”?

Apparently thousands of French would like to be and one man is taking the Catholic Church to court. This NPR piece is interesting to me not so much for the trends (more people are not just leaving the church but wanting to remove all trace of connections to the church) but for the theological questions it brings up. “One can’t be de-baptized,” says Rev. Robert Kaslyn, dean of the School of Canon Law at the […]

A tribute to JoePa from Jason O

PSU Scholar alumnus Jason O was moved to write this tribute to our Coach. I wrote this for Joe Paterno’s family and the Penn State students and alumni. Hoping this music will help you work through the loss. Joe Paterno: you will be missed greatly.   Some say he was more the legend Some say he was more the man But the way it feels inside this valley It’s clear we’ve got a hero on […]

International SBL Call for Papers

I believe I will be able to go this year! There are some very interesting sessions, so be sure to take a look and submit a paper if you can make it. Dear Member: This is a friendly reminder that the call for papers period for the 2012 International Meeting will end February 1, 2012. Remember to submit your proposals to the program units listed¬†here. Please note the details about participation, registration, and membership for […]

Remembering Coach Paterno

Remembering Coach Paterno, a set on Flickr. This has been an emotional weekend for everyone here in the Valley. Former PSU player, current Oakland Raider, and Schreyer Scholar Stefen Wisniewski spoke eloquently at the vigil last night about the humanity of Coach Paterno, that he was, like all of us, a human who did things requiring forgiveness and redemption, but he was also a man who provided incredibly positive influence in the lives of thousands. […]

Joseph Vincent Paterno, 1926-2012

Today I was going to reflect on the fact January 22, 2012 is the one year anniversary of the passing of Mr. William Schreyer. Sadly instead we remember one of his closest friends, Coach Paterno. It is a truly sad coincidence that these two great men who transformed their respective fields and each of whom left such an indelible mark on Penn State should share this anniversary. The circumstances of the last few months are […]

Are faculty the enemy?

I certainly don’t think so. This is a nice, short little piece¬†by an assistant professor of economics at Rhodes College. While I think his comments are reasonable and good for students to read, it is the comments that are more interesting, IMHO. First, the article. Some highlights include: First, I do not “take off” points. You earn them. The difference is not merely rhetorical, nor is it trivial. In other words, you start with zero […]

SOPA and PIPA: Just say no.

No, not Pippa, but PIPA, PROTECT IP Act.((Which itself is also an acronym: “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property (PROTECT IP) Act.”)) You may have noticed (assuming you have actually come through to this page) that my site has an initial page today protesting SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act (once the blackout is over you can read about it at Wikipedia).1 I encourage you to go ahead and […]