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Just say no to endnotes.

Can we all agree that endnotes are simply awful? They are annoying at best and, when reading electronic texts that are not hyperlinked, downright damnable.1 Footnotes, on the other hand, are convenient, easy to read and do little to interrupt the flow of the argument. I believe we should stand up for our rights and demand that publishers only use footnotes. Are you with me? Huzzah!   This is in no way a criticism of […]

SBL Scholarship and Technology Advisory Board formed

I am very pleased to announce that the Society of Biblical Literature has formed a new advisory board, and one with a great acronym. STAB, the Scholarship and Technology Advisory Board, will have its inaugural meeting at this year’s SBL meeting. The board will consist of the following individuals, most of whom are probably well known to the biblioblogging community. Bob Cargill Jim Davila April DeConick Tim Bulkeley Chuck Jones SBL staff members: Missy Colee […]

iPad use in research: Where am I now?

This post is my first to the summer project Digital Research in the Liberal Arts. It summarizes some of my prior posts made on the subject of iPad use and research. I have been fortunate enough to have had an iPad since they first came out. (As an aside, as much as folks label me an “Apple fanboy,” this is the first Apple product I have purchased in its first run. Usually I wait until […]

Testing MarsEdit & The Rapture

I am trying to better integrate my workflow and one of the challenges is that I now have several blogs to which I post and sometimes I want the same post on all the blogs (some people only go to one blog. I know! Can you imagine?). MarsEdit is a blog editor that I used to use and I am giving it a go again. It doesn’t allow you to “multicast,” that is, post to […]