Testing MarsEdit & The Rapture

I am trying to better integrate my workflow and one of the challenges is that I now have several blogs to which I post and sometimes I want the same post on all the blogs (some people only go to one blog. I know! Can you imagine?). MarsEdit is a blog editor that I used to use and I am giving it a go again.

It doesn’t allow you to “multicast,” that is, post to multiple blogs at once (which BlogPress lets me do from my iPad or iPhone), but it does allow me to quickly change a drop down menu after I save to one blog to change to another. So it should be just a couple of steps.

In the meantime, here is another picture I took recently to make your visit worthwhile. On Saturday, otherwise know as “The Rapture,” I was driving home from a wedding and the sky looked as if it was indeed portending momentous events.

Rapture Time?

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