Testing MarsEdit & The Rapture 6

I am trying to better integrate my workflow and one of the challenges is that I now have several blogs to which I post and sometimes I want the same post on all the blogs (some people only go to one blog. I know! Can you imagine?). MarsEdit is a blog editor that I used to use and I am giving it a go again.

It doesn’t allow you to “multicast,” that is, post to multiple blogs at once (which BlogPress lets me do from my iPad or iPhone), but it does allow me to quickly change a drop down menu after I save to one blog to change to another. So it should be just a couple of steps.

In the meantime, here is another picture I took recently to make your visit worthwhile. On Saturday, otherwise know as “The Rapture,” I was driving home from a wedding and the sky looked as if it was indeed portending momentous events.

Rapture Time?


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6 thoughts on “Testing MarsEdit & The Rapture

  • James Tucker

    To automate the process with a simple Keystroke or Macro, you could do two things. The first, is write a workflow from Automater (or AppleScript) to post to all the platforms—thus reducing the repetitive tasks. You could also carry out the same process in a program like QuicKeys, a more robust automater app than the automater extant on your Mac.

    You could even do something more sophisticated in Apple Scripts, in that you could write the file in texteditor, have the Script to open Safari or whatever is your preferred browser, then navigate to the new post entry, have it use the contents of the file for posting, and repeat this for each blog platform—of course this is the more laborious option, and is esentially creating an cross-posting application.

    • Chris Brady Post author

      James – Thanks for the tips! I have used both over the years. In my case, the simple act of switching the menu and re-saving is actually probably a good thing. I only have four blogs which might share a post and in most cases I will only post to a couple at a time. This saves me from inadvertently posting to every blog all the time.

      • James Tucker

        Yes, sometimes the decision to automate things hinges upon one question: do I do this enough to warrant the time that it will take to write the Automater (or Script)? Which question also is based on how well one knows Automater and Scripts. In your case, I would probably do the same thing. It’s hard to write a post with four different audiences in mind (although some of your posts are easily transmittable, esp., those regarding technology and Academics).

        I’ve enjoyed your posts on the iPad in research. Love it! I too have recently begun to implement my iPad as a creative device. I think my OakTree work will always require a more robust work station, but for school and studies, my iPad is the go to (although I wish Apple had given the camera a little more love).