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Nisus Writer Pro 2.0 – Hebrew Word Processing

In the comments section of my review of Sente Danny Zacharias of Deinde expresses surprise that I was not using Mellel for my scholarly work. He did not realize that any other word processor on MacOS X supported unicode and right to left languages such as Hebrew. Not so! Nisus Software has been producing an incredible Mac word processor for decades and I have been using it for about as long. True, they took a […]

SBL Scholarship and Technology Advisory Board formed

I am very pleased to announce that the Society of Biblical Literature has formed a new advisory board, and one with a great acronym. STAB, the Scholarship and Technology Advisory Board, will have its inaugural meeting at this year’s SBL meeting. The board will consist of the following individuals, most of whom are probably well known to the biblioblogging community. Bob Cargill Jim Davila April DeConick Tim Bulkeley Chuck Jones SBL staff members: Missy Colee […]

BibleTech : 2011

I am not sure how I missed this (the conference is three years old!) but I see lots of familiar names. (Hi Chris H!) I am interested to hear more about BibleTech and see what those folks have to teach those of us interested in similar session at SBL. BibleTech:2011 presents a unique opportunity to hear from some of the world’s leading Bible study technologists. Amazing things are being done at the intersection of biblical […]