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Looking back on Katrina

This past SBL in New Orleans I presented a paper so I will simply refer you to that post: SBL Paper: Recovery and Restoration Through Scripture (images). We continue to pray for those lost and those who remain. If you are so inclined, consider supporting the various ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. The Jericho Road Housing Initiative is a particularly powerful and important program.  

2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional SBL call for papers

Jeremy Schipper has sent out the call for papers for the 2011 MAR-SBL. I presented last year for the first time at a regional meeting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great to meet up with so many “local” scholars and I hope to go again this year. With all due respect to Larry, I would go just to hear Max, she is dynamite! 😉 Dear Colleagues, The 2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional SBL call for […]

Questions for the Dean – Part 1

This is from my other blog and I thought I would share it here as well. For our Late Night program last week students were asked to fill out cards with their questions for the dean. I was only able to answer a few and we have hundreds! So I thought I would begin answering a few here on the blog. I will start with something easy. Would you rather go to Dunkin Doughnuts or […]

In the beginning…

Of the semester things are always a bit frantic. This semester I am teaching a mere 1 credit course, “Genesis 1-3.” The reason for the topic is because it usually takes me a month to get out of chapter 3 even when I am teaching Intro to Hebrew Bible. The reason for 1 credit is because I simply do not have enough time to teach a full 3 credit course. And the reason I am […]

iPhone 4 cases – Apple Bumper v. Griffin Reveal

I suppose I will sound like an apologeticist for Apple but I never did see the antenna problems. In fact, the iPhone 4 has demonstrably better reception than my iPhone 3GS (which my wife now uses). Eventually I did get the Apple Bumper because I wanted the protection and Apple eventually refunded me for that purpose. The bumper is very nice and looks just right on the phone, no doubt about that. The metal buttons […]

Sharing my thoughts on stories

I realize I am very late to this game, but if you are reading on my website you may have noticed that I added my “shared” items that I am reading via Google reader. (I use NewsRack on the iPad and iPhone which connects and syncs with Google Reader.) When I am reading stories via the web I use the Note in Reader » [drag the preceding text up onto your browser’s toolbar to use it] […]

Scholarships from the Episcopal Church

My Bishop’s office sent out the following notice. Anything that can help support students and defray the extreme costs of education deserve to be widely publicized. Please feel free to share. Application process now open For scholarships from The Episcopal Church Deadline is October 15 [August 17, 2010] Applications are now being accepted for the Fall awarding of more than 60 scholarships from The Episcopal Church. Specific scholarships are available for ethnic communities along with […]