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Targuman on Google+

In case you are on Google+ and interested in circling the wagons with me, I now have this nifty short URL: I can’t say that I am heading over their full time just yet, but it is very interesting, clean, and perhaps even useful. NB: Adam has pointed out to me that Google’s Terms of Service gives them rather significant rights to any photos or content that you load on their sites or services. I have removed those […]

Shared stories

Just a reminder that if you want to also follow what I share via Google Reader you may: You do not need to use Google Reader, by the way, to see my shared items or even to use the GR features. Or at least you don’t need to use GR directly. I useNewsRack on my iPad and iPhone which connects and syncs to my GR account. It allows me to Share, Like, and so on […]

Sharing my thoughts on stories

I realize I am very late to this game, but if you are reading on my website you may have noticed that I added my “shared” items that I am reading via Google reader. (I use NewsRack on the iPad and iPhone which connects and syncs with Google Reader.) When I am reading stories via the web I use the Note in Reader » [drag the preceding text up onto your browser’s toolbar to use it] […]