Questions for the Dean – Part 1

This is from my other blog and I thought I would share it here as well.

For our Late Night program last week students were asked to fill out cards with their questions for the dean. I was only able to answer a few and we have hundreds! So I thought I would begin answering a few here on the blog. I will start with something easy.

Would you rather go to Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks? DD, no question. I no longer drink coffee and the donuts at Starbucks, well, that just isn’t their forté is it?

What do you think is the best thing about Penn State (aside from the Honors College)? I could cite many things including our culture of winning with honors, but it has to be THON. I regularly tell prospective students that they should come to Penn State for THON alone. The fact that we have a top-rate, second-to-none education is a plus as well.

What’s your favorite flavor in Dr. Pepper, out of the 23? You have to know that my father is a die-hard Dr. Pepper man. He went to college around the corner from where it was invented. I have often argued that it is nothing more than carbonated prune juice to which he would reply with a soliloquy about the 23 flavors. I would have to say that, if you make me drink it, it would be the cherry flavor.

Ketchup or mustard? Mayonaise.

Peter Griffin (Family Guy) once let a bird nest in his beard; would you consider doing this? No, personal hygiene is important to me and I am not a cartoon character.

If you were a steak, how would you be cooked? Medium rare, hot on the outside but cool on the inside.

Do Gateway Scholars receive the Schreyer medal at graduation? ABSOLUTELY!

How was your day? So far so good!

This is just a start, I will post more as we go through the semester.

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