In the beginning… 2

Of the semester things are always a bit frantic. This semester I am teaching a mere 1 credit course, “Genesis 1-3.” The reason for the topic is because it usually takes me a month to get out of chapter 3 even when I am teaching Intro to Hebrew Bible. The reason for 1 credit is because I simply do not have enough time to teach a full 3 credit course. And the reason I am teaching it at all is because I love to teach in my field! I just don’t have as much time to do it nowadays since I am a full time administrator and teach courses in leadership.

For those interested, I have posted a number of entries on Genesis and particularly on the first three chapters. You can follow my tag link and work backwards from there.

Finally, Jame McGrath,in a happy moment of coincidence, posted this wonderful quote from Adele Berlin.

“Above all, we must keep in mind that narrative is a form of representation. Abraham in Genesis is not a real person any more than a painting of an apple is a real fruit. This is not a judgment on the existence of a historical Abraham any more than it is a statement about the existence of apples.”

— Adele Berlin, Poetics and Interpretation of Biblical Narrative, p.13


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2 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  • Robert Holmstedt


    That’s a great quote! I’ve read and taught from Berlin many times — how have I missed (or forgotten) something so pithy?

    Thanks for that. And have fun teaching Gen 1-3 — I wish I could be in the back row shooting spitwads and watching student reactions to what I’m sure will be a rather disorienting-reorienting experience (for those that are listening, that is).

    • Chris Brady Post author

      I have to say, this is a great class and small enough that they have no choice but to listen. (Small class of 24 with students around a single oval table.) I think we are off to a great start. We shall see how many come back. 😉