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Lost in translation

This is too funny not to share. (And for the record, poopy or no, I would love one of these new MacBooks). From TUAW: Thanks to what appears to be a character encoding problem on a French version of the Apple website, the MacBook announcement — meant to say “perfectly designed” in French — came out reading “perfectly dumb” (or as one of our tipsters said, a more vulgar version of “perfectly poopy”). That wasn’t […]

Culture Making by Andy Crouch

Cathleen Falsani, the “God Girl” of The Dude Abides, offers a review of a new book by Andy Crouch, Culture Making. Andy was, in addition to everything else about him that Falsani says below, was a classmate of mine (or I of his) at Cornell. I haven’t read the book yet (only so much time!) but I am eager to do so. Andy Crouch, a savvy culture watcher and commentator who runs the Christian Vision […]

A “violent, nasty little parable”

I don’t often post my sermons here largely because while I write my sermons out they are not really meant to be read and are more like an detailed outline. This one is a little more complete but I particularly wanted to post it because I am interested in any comments on my reading of this Gospel passage. Proper 23, Year A, RCL Isaiah 25:1-9 Psalm 23 Philippians 4:1-9 Matthew 22:1-14 This morning’s Gospel, like […]

Look for the memo…

For this strip to make sense (which it never really does) you need to know that the gentleman in the suit is “Monty” who is, for lack of a better term, God. The gentleman in the overalls (or “coveralls” if you are from certain regions) is “Thorax” who “sells strange goods and services from roadside stands when he isn’t ruminating on his alien origins or dusting off the quantum anomaly in the tractor shed. He […]

The Economist on “The Art Scroll Talmud”

The Economist has a short article on a new edition of the Talmud. I haven’t spent much time with this so I am not sure how it is revolutionizing Talmud study… For Orthodox Jews, lifelong study of the Talmud is the supreme religious precept. But for many earnest students through the ages, it has been a frustrating grind. Written in Aramaic (often described as the language of Jesus), it does not easily surrender its textual […]

Original Sin, Evolution, NT Wrong and Stephen Cook

Stephen Cook has a great series of discussions going on over at Biblishe Ausbildung regarding the above mentioned topic. I am working my way through it now and I think I am in agreement with Cook against Wrong. I have some thoughts on this topic and hope to share them so. For now, a teaser. Cook says (playing the devil’s advocate for Domning and Wimmer) Before the advent of free-will, they would see “sin” as […]

SNL Censoring Skit

I watched this skit live and it was (in fact the whole episode) one of the funniest things SNL has done in a long time. (Tina Fey is great as Palin but I have never found her writing very funny. SNL has a long way to go to return to their heyday, but they are getting better.) But now it turns out that NBC took the video down! It lampooned Soros and other leading Democratic […]

Calling Targum Scholars – Sigla Project

From our beloved IOTS President Willem Smelik: Dear members of the IOTS and other interested parties, The IOTS has long discussed the desirability of new editions of (most of) the Targums. A first task, the collection of data on targumic manuscripts, has already started and has come to a promising, even if partial, conclusion at the Theologische Universiteit of Kampen, the Netherlands. Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman came with a proposal for a system of sigla which, […]