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Is it Jesus’ fault?

As you know, I am a comic fan and I enjoy Dan Piraro’s Bizarro. His blog is also very amusing and is part of my daily reading. Today he posted his comic from a week ago featuring an aerial advertisement and then had his usual commentary. As a self-confessed “recovering Catholic” his religious observations are often caustic and always amusing. Here is an unusual aerial banner that I just found. Who spends the money on […]

Mid-Atlantic SBL Meeting Reminder

From our colleague Jeremy Schipper: Dear Colleague, We’ve had some promising submissions for the 2009 Mid- Atlantic SBL meeting thus far and I would like to encourage you to keep them coming. As a reminder, please find attached our 2009 call for papers with submission guidelines. Please note the Dec 5 deadline. Also, feel free to post the call for papers on your department bulletin boards, office doors, etc. and encourage your students to get […]

This I Believe: Honor

You may be familiar with NPR’s resurrection of the program “This I Believe.” I have been meaning to write an essay on this topic and this week I finally found some time to do that during my trip. I still need to trim this down below 500 words (it is at 729) but I will go ahead and share it here. Feel free to comment. I believe in honor I think I have always tried […]

Why compulsory service is a good idea.

I am currently at the convention of the National Collegiate Honors Council. As you can imagine, when a group of educators get together we tend to talk about educational and therefore social concerns. Last night was our annual dinner with our CIC colleagues and I again shared my thoughts on what I think could be positively transformative for our society: compulsory service. Proposal Every person, male and female, would serve 12-24 months in government or […]

Too many journalists?

From a science fiction webcomic that I read, Buck Godot: In the Prime Mover’s comprehensive overview of sentient and semi-sentient life within the sphere of the Gallimaufry: Why We’re Better Than All Of You Put Together, there are various appendices which deal with predators that feed upon sentients. Journalists are placed within this category. Despite extremely bad reviews, these concepts were eventually accepted, and the number of journalists a healthy civilization could support was worked […]

“Portable Electronic Devices”

I have spent the majority of this day flying. It is currently 8:40 pm and I still have a 2:47 minute flight ahead of me. As the last flight was preparing for landing I had a George Carlin moment. The flight attendant came on the speaker and spoke the usual words, telling us that we must turn off all “portable electronic devices.” As opposed to what? “Sir, please turn off that electronic device.” “But it […]

Latterday Latitudinarians Lumbering over the Limen

George F. Will has an excellent and fair summary of where the Episcopal church finds itself. You can find the article in the Washington Post: A Faith’s Dwindling Following. The summary is fairly straightforward: As the church’s doctrines have become more elastic, the church has contracted. It celebrates an “inclusiveness” that includes fewer and fewer members. He is, of course, not saying anything new or that we have not observed before. I have often marveled at […]