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“Anglican Collider Breaks Down”

I was just directed to this wonderful parody. A great post from September at a very interesting blog, Pluralist Speaks. I wonder if he does all that artwork himself. They seem to be original. Be sure to read the whole thing but here are a few snippets. Anglican Collider Breaks Down The Anglican Collider will be out of action for months or even years, according to The European Cern (TEC). A large magnet, located at […]

Latterday Latitudinarians Lumbering over the Limen

George F. Will has an excellent and fair summary of where the Episcopal church finds itself. You can find the article in the Washington Post: A Faith’s Dwindling Following. The summary is fairly straightforward: As the church’s doctrines have become more elastic, the church has contracted. It celebrates an “inclusiveness” that includes fewer and fewer members. He is, of course, not saying anything new or that we have not observed before. I have often marveled at […]

“If bishops were no more, would we miss them?”

That is the headline of a Times story. And it is a good question and a good little piece. Some highlights are below, but be sure to read it all. Of course this goes straight to the earlier conversation with Kevin Wilson of Blue Cord about polity. The episcopal extravaganza at Lambeth illustrates how outdated the Church of England hierarchy is View a graphic representation of episcopal inflation in the Church of England by Theo […]

The Presiding Bishop Responds to GAFCON (boy does she!)

The Presiding Bishop of ECUSA, The Most Reverend Katharine Jefferts Schori has responded as well. Her entire response is as follows: Much of the Anglican world must be lamenting the latest emission from GAFCON.  Anglicanism has always been broader than some find comfortable. This statement does not represent the end of Anglicanism, merely another chapter in a centuries-old struggle for dominance by those who consider themselves the only true believers. Anglicans will continue to worship […]

New “church within a church” within the Anglican Communion

The new Jerusalem council (not to be confused with the New Jerusalem Council which has yet to be scheduled) has apparently resulted in a new organization of orthodox Anglican churches within the Communion. From the Daily Telegraph: Orthodox Anglicans who are creating a new movement at a breakaway summit in Jerusalem have said they feel “betrayal and abandonment” at the current church structure. The 1,000 conservatives at the Gafcon conference say they feel “profound sadness” […]

Where is the Anglican Communion Going?

No one is sure yet. But this week the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) is meeting in Jerusalem prior to the Lambeth Conference which is meeting in mid-July. The Pew Forum just ran an informative and helpful piece setting the issues into a demographic context. One of the major flashpoints in the ongoing conflict in the Anglican Communion centers on a recently married and openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson. Robinson was consecrated as bishop of […]

PBS Coverage of the ECUSA Decision (or lack thereof)

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly had this story covering the ECUSA House of Bishops meeting last week. It is one of the best summaries I have seen so far. You can either watch the video or read the transcript. The reporter summarized it well: LAWTON: Well, in fact no new policy was set at this meeting. The U.S. Episcopal bishops restated the situation that’s been in play in their church for the last couple of years. […]