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The Gulf Coast

As most of you know, my wife and I lived in the New Orleans area for 9 years and were there during and after Katrina. My wife still works as a media consultant for the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana and has been very busy this week, helping them work through their plans for Gustav. Yesterday was the third anniversary of Katrina and no one wanted to celebrate it by preparing for another storm. Gustav has […]

Mid Atlantic SBL Regional Meeting – Call for papers

Jeremy Shipper just sent me the call for the 2009 MAR regional SBL. It is my pleasure to repost it here. You can also go to the official MAR-SBL site. (Hmm. Apparently we in PA are actually part of the Eastern Great Lake Region. I am enough of a Penn Stater to feel more comfortable going to MD for a meeting rather than OH…) Note especially the theme for this year: “Religious Studies & Sustainability: […]

Burning down the MSNBC House!

I have been busy with work so have not had time to blog, but I have been following the DNC. And of course, catching the Daily Show’s recaps. You have heard me say before that I admire Chris Matthews and have felt that he was the most fair news host out there (with the great exception of Tim Russert who is sadly gone). You know where CM stands, but he goes equally hard at all […]

Busy, busy week

But it is behind me now. Last week we had our three day orientation for new Scholars. It is a fun, fun time, but leaves very little time for anything else, like blogging. One of the highlights for me (and I hope the students) is “Late Night With the Dean” where we do a Letterman style show with yours truly hosting. Later I will post some of the audio including my monologue. 🙂 I snapped […]

“Teaching as a Subversive Activity”

I haven’t read it, even though it has been around for ages, but D’Arvy Norman’s Flickr post has me intrigued. Anyone familiar with the work? In their book Teaching as a Subversive Activity, Postman and Weingartner were talking about inquiry-based education, and how throwing out the “curriculum” and instead having students ask genuine questions that they would then work to answer together – that this would provide a powerful, relevant, and highly personal experience and […]

Born in 1990…

UPDATE: The Beloit list is available from their website here: This week our new first-year students move in and have orientation. The Chronicle of Higher Ed is reporting on the Beloit College has released its “Mind-Set List” for those born in 1990. The two men who compile the list—Tom McBride, a professor of English, and Ron Nief, director of public affairs—note that while many things have changed since the Class of 2012 was born, […]