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More on the Targumim

David Everson, who first put me on to the YouTube video about TgNeof has offered a useful comment on the previous post that I would like to elevate to post status. I’ve read Shepherd’s article and I believe he has some basic targumic misunderstandings which were more commonplace 30 years ago (e.g. Targum Pseudo-Jonathan is a NOT a Palestinian Targum [Shepherd p. 53]). His broad conclusion that “Perhaps the NT authors were influenced in some […]

Lambeth Conference Reflections

The document is now online. I have only skimmed portions, but I think this paragraph sums up a lot of where we are (and are not). 110. There is confusion about what “the issue” really means. There are three aspects that would help to clarify discussions: * How the church evangelizes, disciples and provides pastoral care for homosexual people; * How and on what basis the church admits people to Sacred Orders; * How the […]

First Night at CBA

Just a quick note to say that after a long day of driving (I had to go to the NJ shore for a lunch meeting, on 4.5 hours of sleep) I had a very nice first evening to the Catholic Biblical Association meeting. It is always good to see old friends (inlcuding a Penn State Scholar grad!) and get back into the groove of the discipline. With all my administrative duties this sort of thing […]


Tomorrow I am heading to NYC and Fordham University to take part in the meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association. Fellow blogger (and Episcopalian) Stephen Cook is scheduled to be there also. I am looking forward to it, although I still have to finish my presentation. 🙂 I may not have internet access so if I keep radio silence, you will know why. (That and these folks have the days scheduled top to bottom!)  

Tg. Neofiti Gen. 1:1

In a comment to my earlier post regarding the abuse of TgNeof with respect to Gen. 1:1 and the Trinity Matthew Lanser offered the following comment (in part): Secondly (and more to the issue at hand) Shepherd1 quotes Gen 1:1 in TgNeof yet he translates the text as follows, “In the beginning, with wisdom, the Son of YHWH created the heavens and the earth” (51). His support for this view is founded on 1) that […]