First Night at CBA

Just a quick note to say that after a long day of driving (I had to go to the NJ shore for a lunch meeting, on 4.5 hours of sleep) I had a very nice first evening to the Catholic Biblical Association meeting. It is always good to see old friends (inlcuding a Penn State Scholar grad!) and get back into the groove of the discipline. With all my administrative duties this sort of thing is all too rare now. So I view it as a bit of a retreat. Fortunatley the dormitory accomodations provided (see left) help to give one that sense of a monastic setting. I was worried about two things: A/C and WiFi. They have both! (The A/C was set to 40 when I got here! Still thawing out.)

If you would like to follow this weekend I will periodically post 140 character (or less) thoughts on Twitter so you can either see it on the right column of my blog or follow me on Twitter.

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