Crucifying doll frowned upon…

It took them long enough to notice. Die Klicky-Bibel is a great site and has been around for a while, but the news broke this past week that Playmobil is not very happy about it.

ZIRNDORF, Germany (AP) — Pastor Markus Bomhard has learned that you can’t just crucify a doll and get away with it.

For more than two years, the German clergyman has been setting up Playmobil toys in biblical scenes and photographing them to illustrate his online version of the Good Book.

But he has recently received signs of displeasure from the toys’ maker.

The manufacturers of the 3-inch (7.5-centimeter) tall line of Playmobil figures, Zirndorf-based Geobra Brandstaetter GmbH & Co., accused Bomhard of copyright infringement and asked him last month to stop customizing them and using their trademarked name on his Web site.

On Thursday, however, they said they were willing to work with him to find a way he can keep the site without violating the company’s rights.

That’s a relief!

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