The sacrificial season

Saving Private Ryan
A dying Captain Miller, slumped on a decimated bridge, leans painfully into Private Ryan, the man for whom he would soon sacrifice his own life and earlier those of his team whispers tersely: "James, earn this. Earn it."

Is it my imagination or is Saving Private Ryan now shown every Holy Week? It seems to me that this movie (are there others? I am sure there must be) are SHOtime/TBS/HBO/Cinemax response ot the Discovery Channel’s annual search for Jesus. Once it comes out in 2045 I am sure the film version of the last Harry Potter novel will make regular rotation as well.

While I have never been able to sit straight through SPR in one sitting (I admit that such movies affect me deeply) I have seen most of it, including the last 45 minutes in one session. It strikes me that we could do worse (such as the aforementioned Discover Channel offerings) for Holy Week viewing. People not only sacrifice their lives for others, but the central story is of the relentless search to save an individual. Does not God seek us out in the same way for the same reasons?

So let me ask you, what non-Jesus films would you recommend for Holy Week?

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