Burning down the MSNBC House!

I have been busy with work so have not had time to blog, but I have been following the DNC. And of course, catching the Daily Show’s recaps. You have heard me say before that I admire Chris Matthews and have felt that he was the most fair news host out there (with the great exception of Tim Russert who is sadly gone). You know where CM stands, but he goes equally hard at all parties.

You may have heard recently that Keith Olbermann, who arrived about 2 years ago at MSNBC from a decent career at ESPN, seems to be running the show at MSNBC. He apparently is taking credit for getting Dan Abrams removed and getting Rachel Maddow her own show. (Which is like putting a refined Rush Limbaugh on the air.) Well…it seems that going on the road is just too much for the MSNBC gang and KO appears to be doing his best to take out as many hosts as possible. Just watch the first 2 minutes of this Daily Show segment from last night.

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