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Podcast – Jim Davila, SBL 2010 Blogger & Online Publication

Over the next few days I will be posting the audio from the presentations in the SBL session “Blogger and Online Publication.” The first includes the introduction to the session from our chair Dr. Robert Cargill and the first paper by Dr. Jim Davila. S22-209 Blogger and Online Publication 11/22/2010 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM Room: A702 – Marriott Marquis Theme: The Past, Present, and Future of Blogging and Online Publication Robert R. Cargill, University of […]

“God is not present in the classroom” – Testing podcast plugin part 2

I am still testing this plugin and I thought for this test I would put my SBL paper from 2006 where I discussed how I teach the Bible in a secular context. For those interested, the plugin is now working (or tell me if you don’t see the podcast below!) and I am using PowerPress by Blubrry. It seems to now be working well, but I do have some plugins that are conflicting. They are […]

The example of David, good or bad?

Last Sunday I was the guest preacher/celebrant at a nearby parish and had the chance the preach on David. As many of you know, he is one of my favorite biblical figures, but not always for the reasons people expect. The Revised Common Lectionary this summer has been following the story of David through Samuel so I took this opportunity to consider how it could be that this murdering, adulterer could be a man after […]

Podcast with Asra Nomani

Today I had the great privilege to interview our upcoming Schreyer Signature Speaker Ms. Asra Nomani. You can download the podcast through iTuneU at this link. The press release is below. Wall Street Journal Reporter’s Abduction and Murder Subject of Lecture UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.—Journalist and author Asra Q. Nomani will speak about the 2002 abduction and murder of her colleague and friend Daniel Pearl at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25, in Penn State’s Schwab […]

Welcome to John C Dovrak’s Tech5!

Some of you may have noticed that today includes a post from the famous Cranky Geek, John C. Dvorak! I am very pleased (and honored, truth be told) that Mr. Dvorak has decided to allow a few of us to carry his daily 5-minute tech podcast. So look for it here and be sure to check out his blog at http://dvorak.org/blog (take a drink).  

How should SBL handle blogging?

I was going to title this post “how to blog a conference,” but then I realized that what Tyler Williams is asking, on behalf of Leonard Greenspoon and SBL, is really more a question of how the host institution should handle blogging. I will comment on why I value bloggers live-blogging and using daily recaps, but first let me suggest how I think SBL should handle the blogging of their conference. In House – Storehouse […]

New podcast: Building Community Through Technology?

Last night I was the guest speaker at the College of Information Sciences and Technology’s IDEAS dinner. This is a forum for undergraduate research. In this talk I asked how we can or should use information techonologies to create commnunity within the Scheryer Honors College. I also challenge some notions of how radical the changes are in human nature and conduct as a result of the pervasiveness of these technologies. The podcast can be found […]

Brothers Podcast – School Strike!

Isn’t technology fun? If you listened to last night’s podcast you know that my brother sounded like he was inside a can (aluminum, no doubt). So, I wanted to test things out again and it turns out that there is some more news to report. My nephew’s school district is striking! (We even discuss the possibility of CA homeschool teachers coming out to PA to cover the strike!) The announcement from the school district is […]