“God is not present in the classroom” – Testing podcast plugin part 2

I am still testing this plugin and I thought for this test I would put my SBL paper from 2006 where I discussed how I teach the Bible in a secular context.

For those interested, the plugin is now working (or tell me if you don’t see the podcast below!) and I am using PowerPress by Blubrry. It seems to now be working well, but I do have some plugins that are conflicting. They are WP-Footnotes and WPTouch iPhone Theme. The good news is that the conflict is only with the initial embedding of the file URL in the post. Once I have published a post all is well. So I can still run my “conflicting” plugins and simply turn them all off, barring PowerPress, for those occasional times when I am uploading a podcast file.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the SBL paper, rough cut as it is.

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