The will of God 19

Death almost always brings with it the basic question of “why.” When it is young innocents as in the Sandy Hook attack or our son Mack, it becomes even more desperate. Even when those who are older who die for no clear moral reason we are at a loss for an answer and yet need […]

A short note: The Angry Faithful 1

As someone wondered if I was having a crisis of faith I was reminded of something that I have often mentioned in the class and in one or two articles, which is that expressing anger towards God is, in fact, a statement of faith. If I didn’t believe in God then with whom would I […]

How to lament 16

It has barely been over one week since our wonderful boy died. It was fast, sudden, and completely unexpected. It was not an accident or a prolonged illness, but rather a bacterial infection of the blood. We are thankful for the small grace that he was in very little pain and it was swift. But […]

What do we do now?

Do you think the folks at Radio Free Babylon are aware of our situation? It sure feels like it.  

Have coffee (or tea) with Jesus in the deep sorrow 25

I don’t think I am still ready to write much of substance but I did notice that the most recent Coffee With Jesus was relevant and poignant even. Where is God in the real world? “I am deep in the sorrow.” So am I.    

May light perpetual shine upon him. 50

Lord Jesus Christ, we commend to you our brother, our son, Mack, who was reborn by water and the Spirit in Holy Baptism. Grant that his death may recall to us your victory over death, and be an occasion for us to renew our trust in your Father’s love. Give us, we pray, the faith […]

The Power of the Religious Community 25

Unrelated to our current sadness, someone on twitter posted this dreck: “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.” My first comment was “Religion is for people who live in community.” Today, this week I know more than ever that power of not […]

John William McKenzie Brady – Mack, the best boy ever. 29

Those of you who have been following on Facebook and elsewhere, and we are overwhelmed with the love and support we have received, know that our beautiful boy is gone. We are doing as well as can be expected, with expressions of love and support coming from around the globe. (Thank you to whomever posted […]