A vision of Heaven 1

The following is my sermon from this past Sunday. As you can see in the first paragraph, I am somewhat apologetic about the fact that I cannot read and reflect on our current readings without thinking of Mack and our loss. Then again, I realized that this is precisely what Easter is about for all […]

"For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face."

“The Game of Your Life” 2

This wonderful poem was shared with us by Dan Sheerin on Mack’s site. It is “a Celtic soccer song by Irish poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice” and it is a poem of faith as well. The Game of Your Life Whatever way it’s kicked out, face the ball! While wingers await delivery in space, Centrefield must rise […]

Mack’s Girlfriend 6

He would be horrified that I use that term, but this week we met the young lady (and lady is the correct term) that Mack had been talking about all year. They are in different classes but ride the same bus. That was their time. She is the most incredible, wonderful girl. She loves sports, […]

Fine Art Appreciation

Imaginings 3

At times I find myself imaging what Mack would be doing if he were still here, like yesterday at our aunt’s house for dinner. It is not so difficult to picture him playing games on the iPad or watching a program while the adults are talking. But each time I am keenly aware that it […]

“We are of all people most to be pitied” 4

Easter Day 2013 For the last three months this phrase has been running through my head, “We are of all people most to be pitied.” Certainly seems reasonable. In a space of a few short hours we lost our vibrant, healthy boy, just two weeks before his 9th birthday. Who wouldn’t pity us? Those who […]

June 23rd – Philadelphia Union honoring Mack 6

Please see for more details, but we are excited to announce that the Philadelphia Union vs. New York Red Bulls game on June 23rd will be in honor of Mack. We are scheduling a number of events throughout the day to celebrate youth soccer and raise funds for the Mack Brady Memorial Men’s Soccer Fund at Penn […]

Only a dream 3

There have been so many times, especially early on, when I would think, hope for a moment that it had all just been a dream, that Mack was really asleep in the other room and would come in any minute and crawl in our bed. Now I begin to have moments when I wonder if […]

It’s just a hat 36

But not any more. This picture of Mack was taken shortly after Christmas 2011. You can read more about the studio session on my PhotoBlog. That fall I had purchased this silly little gray fedora from Target. I am a practical person and my head gets cold in the winter, but I am vain so […]

Capturing Mack 39

It is so odd how we count time. If we go by weeks, then it was four weeks ago this past Monday night that Mack died, December 31st. If we go by days on the calendar then today, January 31st, is the one month mark. Our friend and fellow Celtic parent David Rockower is an […]

The snow is falling 4

Gently, light and fluffy, the snow is falling. It hasn’t been much, just an inch or two. Mack loved snow, loved to play in it, sled, dig into it building forts. He would have been out already, even as I write at 7 am. But he wouldn’t have liked this snow. He would have complained […]