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Why I am disappointed in Doctor Who

WARNING: Do not read if (1) you do not like/have no interest in Doctor Who or (2) have not seen the latest episode, “The Day of the Doctor.”(Unless you don’t mind spoilers, if so, feel free to read on.) [pullquote]It is entirely too easy to put time in a bottle and say, “Everyone lived happily ever after!”[/pullquote]I have been a Doctor Who fan for decades. I do not write about it as often as my […]

RIP – Verity Lambert, First Producer of Doctor Who

I just came across the news this morning. RIP – Verity Lambert, First Producer of Doctor Who I only found out a few days ago that the world lost the remarkable and talented Verity Lambert on November 22, 2007 (just a day shy of the 44th anniversary of Doctor Who).  She had a long career of successes in the early days of UK television, moving on to create her own production company "Cinema Verity" (nominee: […]

Rude and Not Ginger

This one is for Mark Goodacre. I am slowly getting caught up on my Dr. Who and when the good doctor took his most recent form, while Rose (Billie Piper) as still his able-bodied assistant, he asked if he was ginger. “Ginger,” to my fellow Americans, is the Brit term for redhead. Now, here is the back story, Billie Piper was married to Chris Evans (one of my favorite radio/TV personalities from the UK, I […]