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Nisus Writer Pro 3.0 Released

I have been using one version of Nisus or another since 1994. I have written all of my academic work in it (it was one of the first to support right-to-left languages on the Mac) and while there was an annoying footnote bug that bit me when I was submitting my doctoral thesis, they have never been short of amazing in support.  Now Nisus Writer Pro 3.0 is out! I have not had a chance […]

Remove all footnotes in Nisus Writer Pro – Easy

I have made some tweaks and updates to my translation of Targum Ruth and I wanted to update it on the site. Before I did that I wanted to delete all the footnotes. You see, I use notes in my translation as my the basis of my commentary so they are fairly expansive and full of lots of rhetorical questions not really fit for public consumption. But how to delete them all in one go? […]

Nisus Writer Pro 2.0 – Hebrew Word Processing

In the comments section of my review of Sente Danny Zacharias of Deinde expresses surprise that I was not using Mellel for my scholarly work. He did not realize that any other word processor on MacOS X supported unicode and right to left languages such as Hebrew. Not so! Nisus Software has been producing an incredible Mac word processor for decades and I have been using it for about as long. True, they took a […]

Snow Leopard and Nisus Writer Pro

I am sitting in my office eagerly awaiting delivery of my copy of Snow Leopard. I am most excited about trying Exchange in the newish OS, but I have been a little trepidatious about conflicts. There is a site,, that offers a rundown of known conflicts. This morning I received the newsletter from Nisus with the content below. If you are a user of their fantastic NWP please read and be sure to download […]

Scrivener, Nisus Writer Pro, and Hebrew/Aramaic

Have any of you use Scrivener with NWP (best of all, incorporating right to left languages)? I know @Ihnatko uses it but so far as I know he does not use Hebrew or the kind of formatting I will need. I am in the early stages of my book on Targum Ruth and I thought this time I would try and be organized from the beginning. I am putting bibliography into Bookends and Scrivener’s method […]

Mac User Advice – Nisus Writer or Mellel?

I used Nisus Writer (the old one) for my doctoral thesis and book and before NW Pro for Intel came out I used Mellel and contributed to their beta. Both developers have always been very helpful and friendly. Now I am happily using NWP (even for most of my Word doc collaborations in the office), but I have not had to really pound the Aramaic/Hebrew/Syriac/Right-to-Left capabilities. Today I received a query from a colleague and […]

Update to Nisus Writer Pro

I have mentioned before that I have used Nisus Writer for years (my doctoral thesis and book were written in it). Although I still use Word for collaborative projects, to make sure comments can be read, etc. I love NWP, use it, and support it whenever I can. (It has support for right to left languages that only Mellel can compete with, yet is far more robust than Mellel.) TUAW has noted the update that […]

Nisus Writer Pro – The way to go for RTL on the Mac

Doug Chaplin has been considering switching from a PC to the Mac OS and asked about various programs on the Mac platform, in particular which word processor to use. Below is the comment I posted and I thought I would share it here as well. Nisus Writer Pro, without a doubt. I used the old NW for years, wrote my doctoral thesis and my book in it. (Actually, if you Google my name and Nisus […]

Nisus Writer Pro: What is Old Is New

Christopher Heard at Higgaion has written about trying out the new Nisus Writer Pro. For those who are unfamiliar with NW, it was an amazing and powerful word processor in the 90’s for the MacOS (I cannot remember how early, but through OS 9). One of the things that made it so powerful was its ability to do right-to-left languages (e.g., Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac). I wrote my doctoral thesis and my book with it. […]

Sente is (long) dead, long live EndNote?

Several years ago I wrote about seeking a bibliographic software. I had been using EndNote for years, but I wanted a solution that would allow me to archive and annotate PDFs while also having access to them on the iPad. I chose the “walled garden” of Sente. It was well integrated, had server support, and required little work on my part to keep it up. The latter was in distinction from various other solutions at […]