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Snow Leopard – It’s the little things

This afternoon I installed Mac OS X 10.6, otherwise known as Snow Leopard. So far it is going very well. A few minor conflicts (Logitech’s Control Center, Nambu [twitter client]) but Exchange on Mail/iCal/Address Book is very nice. But it is the little things that are nice, such as my MacBook Pro being able to update the time zone automatically. (Cell phones have been able to do it for ages, why not notebooks?)  

Snow Leopard and Nisus Writer Pro

I am sitting in my office eagerly awaiting delivery of my copy of Snow Leopard. I am most excited about trying Exchange in the newish OS, but I have been a little trepidatious about conflicts. There is a site,, that offers a rundown of known conflicts. This morning I received the newsletter from Nisus with the content below. If you are a user of their fantastic NWP please read and be sure to download […]

The spirituality of Macs

My brother has posted an interesting item over at The Professor’s Notes, “A Cultural or Observant Mac?.” The first thing you should know is that back in the 80’s he went with the Commodore 64 [correction: Amiga, see his comment below] and, by 1987, I went with the Mac (he is 5 years older, so he began making purchasing decisions a bit before me). When he finally had to give up on the Commodore he […]

My new BlackBook is here!

Update: 19 July 2013 Nearly seven years later with only one hard drive upgrade that MacBook is still going strong. We purchased it from the university and my daughter now uses it. Not bad! Originally published: 24 July 2006 My new MacBook, in black, arrived this morning. The HD and RAM were updated within 20 minutes and I was off! Most of my stuff migrated painlessly and I only had a few moments of sorting […]