Snow Leopard – It’s the little things 5

This afternoon I installed Mac OS X 10.6, otherwise known as Snow Leopard. So far it is going very well. A few minor conflicts (Logitech’s Control Center, Nambu [twitter client]) but Exchange on Mail/iCal/Address Book is very nice. But it is the little things that are nice, such as my MacBook Pro being able to update the time zone automatically. (Cell phones have been able to do it for ages, why not notebooks?)

Time Control Panel


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5 thoughts on “Snow Leopard – It’s the little things

  • Steve

    Well perhaps it was a rhetorical question but the reason cell phones have been able to update for ages is because the are part of a network that constantly monitors–and transmits–the time.

    Until recently notebooks were not on cell networks, and wifi routers do not necessarily have the time zone set. Really there is no need since even if you are billed for time spent on a public network you are generally a) not changing time zones on that network and b) not getting different rates depending on the time of day.

    So really the question is: how does your notebook know what zone it is in?

  • Steve

    Interesting. If it uses the information put in the router then. It will be dependent on how diligent the folks are that set up their wifi (have you until now had a reason to make sure it was accurate?)

    It could be using your ISP information. That of course assumes it gets that right. Wildblue satellite Internet usually reflects Kansas, while Comcast has ocassionally located me as far east as Philly and as far west as Pittsburgh. Clearly the comcast scenario gets the time zone correct, while the wildblue scenario gets that wrong as well.