Two great apps for taking and sharing photos on the iPhone

You have no doubt noticed lately on my blog that there have been posts with but a single picture and a few words accompanying the image. I am using the now widely used app Instagram, coupled with Posterous. The first allows you to run your image through a few funky filters and then post to various sharing sites (Facebook, twitter, and Posterous). Posterous, in turn, shares to just about everything.  Posterous (which, I just found out, is pronounced pos-ter-us, not post-erous) is a free service that you can push your updates to with a simple email.

A twitter and PSU colleague, ScooterNSticks, reminded me of Camera+, an app with great effects that I had purchased ($2) some time ago. The special effects really are superb (see the barn image in a previous post) and it also provides far more control of the iPhone camera than the standard app allows. What I did not realize is that it too had sharing features.

So there you have two apps that are well worth having on your phone if you like to take and share pictures. Remember, the best camera you own is the one that is with you. Here is one more image, enhanced by Camera+ with the “Fashion” filter.

Some days are just like this.

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