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Picture of the Day: Mac Bookends

Not “MacBook” Ends, you will note. So far as I know, Apple is far from ending their latest consumer model of notebook computer. No, i just thought I would share a picture of my office and reveal how I am making us of some old Macs. Most of these were just sitting in an office closet, about to be thrown out when I decided to display them. If you click on the image and go […]

Notes from Oxford

UPDATE: £54 to fill up the rental car. That is $108! Not to my liking. And, for the record, I do not think that a similar approach of raising fuel taxes will help the US in any way. But that is another debate for another day. Starbucks coffee in England is lousy. Through a week and several cups (most E’s) we did not get a single decent cup from Starbucks. And they didn’t have half-half […]

Safety Dance in Numbers 40

Tomorrow is my bride’s 40th and this weekend we celebrated with her family. One of the “presents” was preparing a video of 40 years worth of pictures and, of course, music to go along with it. This led us into everything from James Taylor Something in the Way She Moves to Prince – 1999 to Cars (“Good Times Roll”). On the way home we rocked out to “Modern Rock – Dance – Disc 1” including […]

Nisus Writer Pro: What is Old Is New

Christopher Heard at Higgaion has written about trying out the new Nisus Writer Pro. For those who are unfamiliar with NW, it was an amazing and powerful word processor in the 90’s for the MacOS (I cannot remember how early, but through OS 9). One of the things that made it so powerful was its ability to do right-to-left languages (e.g., Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac). I wrote my doctoral thesis and my book with it. […]

Happy Holidays! With Date Nut Tapioca Pudding

Updating yet again as we are coming up to Grandma’s 100th birthday in just two weeks! (I originally posted this in 2006, when our son Mack was still with us and 2 years old helping in the process. Now our daughter is nearly through college and Grandma is about to hit a century! We remain blessed.) This treat has been a staple in our family my whole life, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Google will tell […]

Signs of the Times

My 20th High School reunion is this fall. Damascus High School – Class of 1986 They have a listing of events from 1986 1986 Kings Dominion Concert Schedule May 25 Robert Palmer / Belinda Carlisle $4 June 1 Ready for the World / Zapp/Roger / Sly Fox / Eugene Wilde $4 June 22 Jimmy Buffett $5 July 6 New Edition $5 July 13 Starship $4 July 19 Air Supply $4 July 20 Billy Ocean and […]