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The Song of Songs and the Eros of God

Last week’s Review of Biblical Literature included an extremely positive review of Emdée Kingsmill’s The Song of Songs and the Eros of God: A Study in Biblical Intertextuality (Oxford Theological Monographs) [Amazon link]. The Song of Songs and the Eros of God: A Study in Biblical IntertextualityKingsmill, Edmée. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010 pp. 320. $130.00  

A basic definition of “Targum”

See also my essay on Targum for the Dictionary for the Theological Interpretation of the Bible. In commenting on another, unrelated post John asked, Would you please provide a concise definition of “targum.” I am planning to write a paraphrase with brief commentary on the Sermon on the Mount for Sunday’s sermon and make reference to the Targumim to introduce it. I hope John will chime in with some additional context for how he thinks […]

Dating all over again

I am discovering what some of you probably already know. Having a pre-teen (and I suspect teenage) daughter is like dating all over again. I worry, will she like me? Will she be my friend on Facebook? Why won’t she return my calls? I of course know that I cannot be too needy, otherwise she will shut me out and think I am a creep, but I need to show enough affection and attention so […]

CHE Wired – Attendance for iOS and Admissions Tweets

Today’s Chronicle of Higher Education Wired newsletter has two stories that were of interest to me and may be for you all as well. The first is a very handy app, Attendance. One of the only explicitly teaching-related iOS apps that I use is Attendance, a straightforward program by David Reed, a computer science professor at Capital University. I reviewed the app upon its first release, and have used it religiously over the intervening 18 months. Attendance […]