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Invocation for 35th Annual MLK Memorial Banquet

I was invited to offer the invocation for Penn State’s 35th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Banquet. I thought I would share my prayer with you here. Lord and Father of all, We come together tonight to commemorate and celebrate the life of your servant Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Your child, you called him to be a prophet, to remind us that we were created in your image and that we are to […]

Was Jesus’ Baptism Private?

This past Sunday was the first Sunday after Epiphany and the celebration of the baptism of Jesus. Unless I misheard (which is possible) I believe I heard our priest assert on Sunday that Jesus’ baptism was private. I know that there are some apparent inconsistencies between the Gospel accounts and there is no explicit mention of crowds (but see my comment below), however I do not take silence to mean private. The relevant passages (in […]

Is this ironic?

I think so, but Alanis Morissette always makes me question my use of the term. Google’s Threat Echoed Everywhere, Except China By ANDREW JACOBS, MIGUEL HELFT and JOHN MARKOFF3 minutes ago BEIJING — China heavily censored the news that Google would stop cooperating with Chinese Internet censorship and consider shutting down its operations in the country.  

A Critique of Critical Thinking

I am on the road so this will be brief, but I encourage everyone to take a look at this article in the Chronicle (it appears to be freely available and not behind a pay wall) by Michael Roth, “Beyond Critical Thinking.” He points out that while developing in ourselves and our students critical thinking skills (something we do actively and explicitly in our Presidential Leadership Academy) we are in danger of developing students who […]

A New Law is given: The Apple Tablet

You all know I am an Apple fan and have been watching the news about a (rumored) announcement about a (rumored) Apple tablet device. Well, you don’t need to know more about that, but I did need to share with you this great image from MacDailyNews. 😉 (Oh, and the story is that the announcement is to be January 27th, not the 26th as previously rumored.)  

Publisher wants to curb authors’ rights

[Was, “What is an e-book, asks a publisher.” I updated the title of this post. Yes it is a bit more provocative but I think it accurately reflects what Galassi is ultimately saying (hoping).] The NY Times has an op-ed by Jonathan Galassi, the president of Farrar, Straus & Giroux. In it he ponders the news that William Styron’s work will be re-published in an electronic format. News that the heirs of William Styron, the […]