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Hebrew on the iPhone and iPad

iPad UPDATE: I now have my iPad and as suspected there is no Hebrew support. I can’t imagine that this would be omitted for long, given that it is already in the iPhone OS, but it is odd. Perhaps the larger keyboard layout of some of these languages was a problem? Or more likely, as someone else suggested, right-to-left support is already weak in Pages, perhaps they did not want to highlight that fact. And […]

More on “myth” by Hobbins

John Hobbins has an excellent post problematizing myth, “There are (no) myths in the Bible.” It would be useless to try and summarize it here, please go and read it in full, but I think the nubbins are here: Mythological narrative narrowly defined is relatively hard to come by in the Bible. Where it crops us, the protagonist is singular on the God side of the equation and multiple on the forces-of-chaos side of the […]

Why I AM going to get the iPad

A week ago I wrote about my concerns about the new Apple tablet and why I might not buy it. Well, today Apple announced the iPad and while I still have questions, I will place my order as soon as they open up the doors. So a few initial thoughts (I was on the road all day, so this is mostly second hand and from Apple’s site rather than from watching a shaking video of […]

LEGO City & Crime Doesn’t Pay

I have been more than a little under the weather this weekend, but decided to break out of the funk by helping Da Mackster set up more of his LEGOs for a photo shoot. These are from the LEGO City set. Here you can see his firehouse and the Chief (not the beard and glass, new Twitter avatar coming soon!) and some shots of a criminal trying to evade justice. Never! No one can outrun […]

Building a Ferrari

Actually, I just documented it. Our 6 year old son, a LEGO fiend received has last birthday present earlier this week, a full Ferrari F1 travel and pit crew. (With Schumacher going to Mercedes, this may be their last successful outing.) You can see in the background the stacked up boxes of all of his other LEGO presents, from┬ájust┬álast week. He finished this large set in just two days, rather impressive I think. There is […]

Why I won’t buy the Apple iPad (or then again I might)

The official word is out that Apple will reveal to us their “latest creation” on January 27th. All the world is atwitter with rumors and the latest has the ring of truth. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the rumor is fact, Apple will release a 10″ tablet device next week that will be focused on media, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and TV and movies. Apparently the WSJ knows “these people” because “these people say” […]

“Academic and Publishing Freedom”?

That is the title of this Inside Higher Ed article about Christianity Today’s Books & Culture rejected an article questioning the past and future direction of Wheaton College. As someone with an MA from Wheaton I thought I might make various trenchant comments, but I will not. Just a couple of notes about the IHE article and a pointer to the article in question. Here is the basic info about the critique: The author — […]

Which would you choose, wings or stronger claws?

I was watching the Discovery Channel’s “Wild Pacific” tonight with my son and they featured “the world’s heaviest parrot” (this is the parrot whose amorous adventures were noted here before). The narrator is Mike Rowe, but I am sure he did not write the script. At one point we were told that because of the kakapo’s great weight and small wings “it evolved strong claws in order to climb trees” in order to reach their […]