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Myth, origins, and to whom does to the Torah belong?

The Washington Post ran a very interesting exposé-type piece on Sunday by Martha Wezler revealing that a Torah rescuing Rabbi’s miraculous claims about his discoveries may be less than true. Rabbi to the Rescue: Menachem Youlus is called the Indiana Jones of Torah recovery and restoration. But there are doubts about his thrilling tales. – The core of the story is a claim by Rabbi Youlus that he discovered two Torah scrolls in a […]

More on “myth” by Hobbins

John Hobbins has an excellent post problematizing myth, “There are (no) myths in the Bible.” It would be useless to try and summarize it here, please go and read it in full, but I think the nubbins are here: Mythological narrative narrowly defined is relatively hard to come by in the Bible. Where it crops us, the protagonist is singular on the God side of the equation and multiple on the forces-of-chaos side of the […]

More on myth

My previous post generated a series of  hearty responses from Alan Lenzi (whom I am sorry to see will no longer be blogging). He has a number of good points which I do not have the time or desire to address individually, it has been a very busy week with another one starting tomorrow, but I followed up by asking him simply, “Do you consider “myth” as in some fundamental sense untrue?” His response was […]