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Comic fans: “Origins of the Sunday Comics” on

If you read this site with any regularity you know that I love comics. Today I noticed that has started a new “strip” that will showcase some of the oldest newspaper comics and thus provide a history to their origins. Should be well worth a daily look! About Origins of the Sunday Comics This is where it all started! From the Yellow Kid and the Katzenjammer Kids to Little Nemo and Little Jimmy, these […]

Christmas in (political) cartoons

UPDATE: I just noticed that this is my 2,000 post. Somewhat fitting, don’t you think? It combines all of my interests (aside from technology) into one post: comics, religion and politics, a delicious mélange! You all know my penchant for comics and politics so it is no surprise that when it all comes together, comics, politics, and religion, I just have to bring it to your attention. Cagle at has the usual round up […]


It is too busy a weekend with board members in town to post anything much, but I offer this comic withe a comment. Is “the world” really getting less inclined to tolerate blasphemy? Is even the US? Or do some folks have a different view of the past, say the 1960-70s? Or maybe he is thinking of the ’80s? I don’t know. I think that most folks in the US still have a pretty generous […]