Critical Thinking

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A good reminder about miracles

“Nothing is esteemed a miracle, if it ever happens in the common course of nature.” David Hume, Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding, Section X, Part 1, para. 91. It seems to me one of the things that the Jesus Seminar so frequently forgets is that the Gospel writers understood miracles just as did Hume. They were describing something outside of the normal course of nature, that is, something miraculous.  

A Critique of Critical Thinking

I am on the road so this will be brief, but I encourage everyone to take a look at this article in the Chronicle (it appears to be freely available and not behind a pay wall) by Michael Roth, “Beyond Critical Thinking.” He points out that while developing in ourselves and our students critical thinking skills (something we do actively and explicitly in our Presidential Leadership Academy) we are in danger of developing students who […]