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News Flash: Episcopal clergy consider themselves liberal

File under: “No duh.” A recent survey of mainline Protestant clergy has proved that the rain falls down and that the Pope is Catholic. From the Episcopal News Service: Episcopal clergy take lead in staking out progressive positions By Mary Frances Schjonberg, March 06, 2009 [Episcopal News Service] A survey by Public Religion Research released March 6 shows that mainline Protestant clergy are much more likely to identify themselves as liberal and Democrat than conservative […]

Bible Briefs: Obadiah

My head has been down focused on admissions and getting a new program started here at PSU that I neglected to note that Jim West has also contributed a volume to the Bible Briefs series: Obadiah. Stephen Cook made the formal announcement yesterday. Free Online: Lamentations and Obadiah Bible Briefs As editor of the Bible Briefs series (click here), I am very pleased to report the availability of two new booklets. Dr. Christian M. M. […]

Academic freedom or freedom of religion?

Jim West has brought to our attention both the reassignment of Gerd Lüdemann and a petition to protest the fact that the German Supreme Court upheld that decision. According to the petition: Gerd Lüdemann, Professor of the History and Literature of Early Christianity in the University of Göttingen, has received word from the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany that his appeal against an earlier ruling excluding him from the teaching of New Testament in the […]

Beard resources

Who knew there were so many? From a very amusing and talented artist David Malki, creator of Wondermark. Six facial-hair taxonomies. March 5th, 2009 You know, of course, of my Hierarchy of Beards poster, surely one of the most invaluable teaching materials made available to the public since the invention of the vivisection. And I have also shown how mine is merely one in a storied history of facial-hair taxonomies. Today, let us consider some […]

The arrest of Raphael Haim Golb

I was getting ready to post this story from the Chronicle1 when I realized I should check Jim West’s blog first and, sure enough, Jim has a very full and consistently updated post documenting this development and with links to all the stories you could want on the matter. The gist of the story is that Golb has been using false identities for several years to harras and attack Dead Sea Scrolls scholars such as […]

The spirituality of Macs

My brother has posted an interesting item over at The Professor’s Notes, “A Cultural or Observant Mac?.” The first thing you should know is that back in the 80’s he went with the Commodore 64 [correction: Amiga, see his comment below] and, by 1987, I went with the Mac (he is 5 years older, so he began making purchasing decisions a bit before me). When he finally had to give up on the Commodore he […]

999 albums on the wall, take one down…

I just bought the new U2 album No Line On The Horizon (pretty good, but not great) and I thought I would check iTunes to see just how many albums I actually have. The total? 999 Makes me want to buy just one more album (or track, actually, since iTunes simply records each song’s album as an “album” even if I only have one track).  

Twitter twitter little bird…

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about? Well this article won’t completely satisfy your curiousity but it does feature yours truly. Joining Facebook and MySpace is a new social networking Web site that is beginning to make its presence known at Penn State — Twitter. “I’ve been using it for a year or so,” said Christian Brady, dean of the Schreyer Honors College. “It’s a social tool that fills a niche between instant messaging […]

The freedom to lament

I began writing this as a reply to John’s comment on my introduction to Lamentations, but I think I would like to move the discussion up to the level of a post. In so doing I hope that some of you who have counseled those in grief or gone through your own grieving and struggling will be willing to share how it is you (and perhaps have not) been able to be honest with God. […]