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A new twist(ing) of John 8

I was getting ready for church this morning and had the radio tuned to our local NPR. Unfortunately this is not a very good radio so every time I move over to the closet the radio starts picking up a Christian station. This morning the preacher (I have no idea who it was, suggestions are welcome!) was taking as his text the (in)famous passage from John 8. You know the one, where the woman is […]

There is honor in AIG

All companies and entities have good and bad people and most folks are just doing their job. The AIG Executive Vice President in charge of the financial division that has received so much notoriety resigned this past week and sent his letter of recommendation to the NY Times. The honor that I see here is not so much that he resigned, but rather that DeSantis wanted to help correct the problems that others created. He […]

Jillette believes there is no God

This is not news in fact, it is from 2005, but I noticed @Ihnatko tweet about it and so I headed over to NPR to give it a listen and read the text. I am not sure what he would do with several hundred pages, but in 500 words (or less) Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame (“he is the tall one”) has one of the most reasonable and accessible (perhaps even persuasive) essays […]

Lamb-entations: “You can believe in God and still miss Him.”

That title was not mine, but that of the print version of Carla Carlisle’s “Spectator” column in Country Life magazine from last Lent. (Thanks to Philip Jenkins for sending me a copy last week.) Carlisle is not only a columnist, but also a farmer (near as I can tell) in England who raises sheep. Last year she reflected on the fact that her father used to read all of the book of Lamentations every Lent, […]

Mandatory Volunteer Corps to be created?

UPDATE: The Senate version of the bill is receiving far more attention. Senator Kennedy is making a trip back up for the debate. NPR had this story this morning, featuring one of the AmeriCorps projects (and a Cornellian). And the NYTimes has this story. (Keywords also make a big difference in searching. Yesterday I could not find this NYTimes story about the House version discussed below.) Isn’t that an oxymoron? “Mandatory volunteer”? I have no […]