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SBL Statement on Public Statements & Academic Freedom

Lately I have commented and criticized some of SBL’s recent statements and stances so it is only fair that when I agree with a position they have taken I should praise them.1 Today SBL sent an email regarding a position that was passed by the council in December 2015. (Some have suggested this is a new statement, adopted by the SBL council as a result of recent petitions. That is not the case, the statement […]

(Academic) Integrity and Anonymous Blogging

I have addressed this subject several times on this blog before. I posted a poll almost two years ago and gave the example of Dean Dad. The recent CHE post by the Provost of Idaho State University regarding the limits of academic freedom and lunch with the CHE reporter for technology had me thinking about this subject again from a slightly different angle. I understand many of the arguments for blogging anonymously within the academy. […]

The Limits of Academic Freedom – Advice – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Excellent commentary on the limits of academic freedom.  I tend to think of Inigo Montoya when I hear someone invoke “academic freedom.”  “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” A snippet: The practice of citing academic freedom to condone a limitless range of bad behavior has begun to take on the flavor of that hackneyed student excuse: The dog ate my paper (or, nowadays, My computer […]

Academic freedom or freedom of religion?

Jim West has brought to our attention both the reassignment of Gerd Lüdemann and a petition to protest the fact that the German Supreme Court upheld that decision. According to the petition: Gerd Lüdemann, Professor of the History and Literature of Early Christianity in the University of Göttingen, has received word from the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany that his appeal against an earlier ruling excluding him from the teaching of New Testament in the […]