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Living in the Moment (Scholar’s Compass Transitions Series Summer 2017, Post 4)

This past summer I wrote a series of devotions that were published on the Emerging Scholars Network blog1. Over the course of this week I will published them here on Targuman. I encourage you to take a look at ESN and consider supporting and contributing yourself. We will be holding a meet-up at this SBL this November, if you are there I hope you can join us!  Scripture For he says, “At an acceptable time I […]


Far from a “sophomore slump” I think October is one of U2’s best albums. I woke up this morning with the lyrics of “Rejoice” in my head. Looking more closely I considered the juxtaposition of the opening, “And outside a building comes tumbling down/And inside a child on the ground/Says he’ll do it again” and the final refrain “I can’t change the world/But I can change the world in me.” I rejoice. It’s falling, it’s falling […]

The poetry of growth and loss — Bono and U2

Last Sunday I was driving home from Altoona, about a 40 minute drive, after having served as a supply priest for a small parish. It was a glorious afternoon and I had the topdown all the way. That calls for music and U2 was at hand. I set it all (and I believe I have all of their songs) on shuffle. The song “Kite” came on and although I have heard this song hundreds of […]

999 albums on the wall, take one down…

I just bought the new U2 album No Line On The Horizon (pretty good, but not great) and I thought I would check iTunes to see just how many albums I actually have. The total? 999 Makes me want to buy just one more album (or track, actually, since iTunes simply records each song’s album as an “album” even if I only have one track).