Bible Briefs: Obadiah

My head has been down focused on admissions and getting a new program started here at PSU that I neglected to note that Jim West has also contributed a volume to the Bible Briefs series: Obadiah. Stephen Cook made the formal announcement yesterday.

Free Online: Lamentations and Obadiah Bible Briefs

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As editor of the Bible Briefs series (click here), I am very pleased to report the availability of two new booklets. Dr. Christian M. M. Brady has authored Lamentations (click here to download the PDF file) and Dr. Jim West has authored Obadiah (click here to download the PDF file). Both booklets are full of insight and thoughtful reflection, and both are very fitting reading as we enter into Lent. Interestingly, both authors have Bible Blogs, on which they are naturally spreading the word of these releases (click here and here).

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