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News Flash: Episcopal clergy consider themselves liberal

File under: “No duh.” A recent survey of mainline Protestant clergy has proved that the rain falls down and that the Pope is Catholic. From the Episcopal News Service: Episcopal clergy take lead in staking out progressive positions By Mary Frances Schjonberg, March 06, 2009 [Episcopal News Service] A survey by Public Religion Research released March 6 shows that mainline Protestant clergy are much more likely to identify themselves as liberal and Democrat than conservative […]

Bible Briefs: Obadiah

My head has been down focused on admissions and getting a new program started here at PSU that I neglected to note that Jim West has also contributed a volume to the Bible Briefs series: Obadiah. Stephen Cook made the formal announcement yesterday. Free Online: Lamentations and Obadiah Bible Briefs As editor of the Bible Briefs series (click here), I am very pleased to report the availability of two new booklets. Dr. Christian M. M. […]