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Obama holier than Bush?

I suppose, if invoking “Jesus Christ” is an indication. Most of you probably already know that Politico is reporting that President Obama has mentioned “Jesus Christ” more frequently in high-profile speeches than George W. Bush. This is likely as much political as it is a personal confession. I think that in many ways the fact that Bush’s Christianity was so overtly a part of his identity probably kept him from invoking Jesus as frequently, but […]

Praying the Inauguration – Who prayed what and who cares how?

We are almost done with inauguration week. Almost. The National Prayer Service, a tradition which dates back to 1789, is happening today, but many prayers have been publicly offered this week and a few have generated great discussion even before they were offered. First it was announced that Rick Warren would provide the invocation at the inauguration itself. Many people were furious at this given Warren’s stance on homosexuality. I was able to hear this […]

“It’s a new day” “History is being made” “This is an historical moment”

Of course every day is new and every inauguration is an historic moment. But I am not going to rant about this pet peeve of mine, rather to say this is an amazing moment, no matter whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Green, or Libertarian. Obama’s inauguration signals a distinct shift in American history. For example, NPR’s Sylvia Poggioli has been doing a series on Race and Politics in Europe Today. Many times she has […]

What would Lincoln think of Obama?

The NYTimes has a nice oped by HENRY LOUIS GATES Jr. and JOHN STAUFFER, “A Pragmatic Precedent.” In this well written article Gates and Stauffer ask the question in the title of my post. Much has been written about what Mr. Obama thinks about Lincoln; but not much has been said about what Lincoln would think of Barack Hussein Obama. If his marble statue at the Lincoln Memorial could become flesh and speak, like Galatea, […]

Gene Robinson to give invocation at inauguration

New England Network News is reporting that Robinson will give the invocation at an (the?) opening inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. Rick Warren is still giving the invocation at the inauguration itself. A Fox News station in Vermont also has the story here. Episcopal CafĂ© now has the story as well with an email directly from Robinson.