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A collection of all my articles relating to lament and the Book of Lamentations.

Word Clouds Illuminating Interpretation: Lamentations

Yesterday, as simply a means of illustrating the announcement about the new book on Lamentations I quickly created two word clouds of the Book of Lamentations and the Targum of Lamentations. As with Ruth there are some interesting observations one can make from this simple graphic. For those not familiar,  tags the words you input and produces a “cloud” of words. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source […]

Proofs are here! New Book on Lamentations

A year ago, almost to the day, I shared with you all that a new book was forthcoming on the topic of Lamentations and its interpretation in Christianity and Judaism. Yesterday I received the proofs and Great Is Thy Faithfulness: Reading Lamentations as Sacred Scripture should be ready for purchase at SBL! The publisher is now Pickwick Publications/Wipf and Stock. The book is edited by Robin Parry and Heath Thomas. The table of contents follows […]

John Hobbins Reconstructing Lamentations

John has an intriguing post regarding Lam. 3:51: Lamentations 3:51: A New Proposal This is a notoriously problematic passage and John has an interesting proposal for a textual reconstruction. Of greater interest to me is his broader conclusions that I am not sure that I can agree with. On this reading, in 3:1, at the onset of a larger whole, a female lamenter explicitly casts herself as a male persona, an “everyman” (Hillers’ characterization (1992:122) […]

New translation of Targum Lamentations

This is mostly a post to test the integration of my blog with twitter, but a separate post doesn’t hurt to emphasize that, at long last, I have updated/corrected my translation of TgLam. This translation is based upon Codex Vaticanus Urbinas Hebr. 1 (the images from the older but incomplete Solger MS can be found here as well). So you can find my updated translation on this site and on the NTCS site.  

Lamb-entations: “You can believe in God and still miss Him.”

That title was not mine, but that of the print version of Carla Carlisle’s “Spectator” column in Country Life magazine from last Lent. (Thanks to Philip Jenkins for sending me a copy last week.) Carlisle is not only a columnist, but also a farmer (near as I can tell) in England who raises sheep. Last year she reflected on the fact that her father used to read all of the book of Lamentations every Lent, […]

Bible Brief: Lamentations

It has not yet been put into final pdf format and when it does I will post a link, but I (finally) finished the Lamentations volume for the small pamphlets in the Bible Briefs series that Stephen Cook is editing! Since I think Lamentations is a rather good book for studying during Lent I thought I would go ahead and post my intro here. The audience for this series is Christian laity so don’t look […]

Introduction to the introduction to Lamentations

I am writing the Lamentations volume for the small pamphlets in the Bible Briefs series1 that Stephen Cook is editing. These pamphlets are intended to provide a short and (hopefully) stimulating introduction to the books of the Bible that will encourage the reader to then study the biblical text for themselves and perhaps move on to deeper study of the book in question. So, being 4 months late, I am finally getting around to polishing […]