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Cold-Weather Photography | BH inDepth

We still haven’t really had the cold weather (read: snow) that I would like, it has been below freezing for quite a while in central PA, creeping back up to mid-30s today. Yesterday this nice little primer came in the mail from BH. Yes, it is a glorified ad, but there are some good tips in there as well. By Allan Weitz Published Mon, 2012-01-02 12:30 Even though the leaves are down and your frost-laden […]

“God is not in this classroom”

This is a paper presented at the 2006 SBL. I am negligent in preparing it for a volume on teaching the Bible in a secular context. I thought I would repost it here now in hopes that a few more folks might offer their thoughts and comments that I may incorporate into the final product. There is a wide range of experience out there and I think this would be a much stronger work with […]

Now THIS is the BEST footnote. Ever. By a wide margin.

With great thanks to Robert Holmstedt who sent it along. This is Michael V. Fox. 1987. Hebrew Studies 28:6-8. You all know by now of my loathing for endnotes1 I had no idea that Fox, or anyone, had ever so clearly and in such a sustained manner commented on this matter. I also look forward to following up on the (ironically located) endnotes in his footnote, particularly the references to Bowersock2. What makes this all […]

Liberal Arts Scholarship and Technology Summit – Sacred Techs

You are all (that is all of you, every last one of you on the intertubes) invited to the Penn State Liberal Arts Scholarship and Technology Summit, tomorrow January 4, 2012! The schedule is below and the entire program will be simulcast live it will be streamed live at Fee free to share that link. We will also be archiving the talks to share later as well. We will use the Twitter hashtag #lasts12 […]

A good reminder about miracles

“Nothing is esteemed a miracle, if it ever happens in the common course of nature.” David Hume, Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding, Section X, Part 1, para. 91. It seems to me one of the things that the Jesus Seminar so frequently forgets is that the Gospel writers understood miracles just as did Hume. They were describing something outside of the normal course of nature, that is, something miraculous.  

Hebrew, with vowels, on iPad

The December (or is it January?) Biblioblog Carnival is up and through it I discovered that Chris Heard had this great post on using Hebrew with vowels on the iPad. Until recently, iPad-using Hebraists had no good options for typing Hebrew with vowels on the aforementioned iPads. Apple provides a Hebrew keyboard for the iPad, but it does not include the נְקֻדּוֹת. Recently, however, third-party developer Žiga Kranjec released Unicode Maps, an app with an unattractive name but […]

Sacred Techs is up!

I am very pleased to announce that the first post and podcast of Sacred Techs are now up! (The podcast is even available via iTunes.) This site is a collaboration between myself and Dr. Robert Cargill. We describe the site as, “posts and podcasts relevant to the study of things ancient using things very modern.” With “Sacred Techs” we wanted to bring together information focused upon using technology in the real of biblical and ancient studies. It […]