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A close reading of Ruth

Teaching the Book of Ruth

In response to my earlier post on Campbell‘s comments about characters in the Bible, John asked for a little guidance. “I have just started teaching Ruth on Wednesday nights. If you will, give me a little insight that would improve my job as teacher. We are going through the OT/HB and are beginning Ruth. Thanks.” I started to write a reply and it got a bit long and I realized that organizing my thoughts this […]

“God is not in this classroom”

This is a paper presented at the 2006 SBL. I am negligent in preparing it for a volume on teaching the Bible in a secular context. I thought I would repost it here now in hopes that a few more folks might offer their thoughts and comments that I may incorporate into the final product. There is a wide range of experience out there and I think this would be a much stronger work with […]

Which Hebrew Bible textbook? (Or none?)

Because of my administrative schedule I do not teach often, usually once a year and for various other reasons this is the first time I have taught Intro to Hebrew Bible in four years. In the past I have used Barry Bandstra’s Reading the Old Testament: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. But this year I found out the list price was a whopping $121.95! The discounted Amazon price is only $109.75. That is just too […]