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Daylily in the Golden Hour

I took this during the last hour of light, the so-called “golden hour” for photographers. We had also had a rain earlier in the day (like every day this past week). I hoped to get the light such that the bloom glowed from within. BTW if you like seeing my photos, you can see an updating selection at my Posterous account, my flickr account, or simply check the “photo” category on this blog.  

One or Two Articles on Boaz?

I had originally planned two articles on the character of Boaz and subsequently presented two separate papers. The first was on the figure of Boaz strictly within the biblical book of Ruth. The other was on how the Targumist had transformed the figure of Boaz in Targum Ruth. This progression made sense, of course, because one must first deal with the actually biblical text before one can consider how the Targumist has changed or adapted […]

Are Men Marginalized in Ruth?

I am now working on moving two papers I have presented on Boaz into (likely) a single article for submission to a journal to be named later. In re-reading my paper “Boaz Centrally Marginalized” it occurred to me that men as a whole are very deliberately moved to the edges of the book of Ruth. Consider these few points: Elimelech, Machlon, and Chilion never speak, they just die, a key element of the story, but […]

The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon is Up, (sort of) Really!

UPDATE: CAL is back up now, including our favorite, Targum Ruth! (Thanks Ed!) CORRECTION: Sorry. I meant to specify Targum Ketuvim as not working yet. Ed Cook immediately wrote me to say that Targum is working for him. It is true that TgOnk and TgJon are working. PsJon does not appear to be up either… Steve Caruso of The Aramaic Blog reports that The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon is Up. Except the Targum Ketuvim modules (and others?) are not. That […]

Call for Links – Biblical Studies Carnival July 2011

The Rev. Dr. Jim just reminded me that I am on deck for this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival. Help! I readily admit that right now I am swamped and I have not been keeping up with the blogs. Even if I had, my reading habits are different and narrower than others, so please let me know what you have enjoyed or been irritated by this month. Post it in the comments or directly email it […] » The Genetic Relationship of Aramaic & Hebrew

Short and to the point. Be sure to click through to get a bit more and some nice bibliography on the subject (and verb). Two recent articles from well-respected news agencies have included fallacious details about the relationship between Hebrew and Aramaic. The first described the Aramaic dialect spoken in the first century of the Common Era as “a language which developed from the classical Hebrew of the scriptures, a few hundred years earlier,” and […]