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My QR code!

Not terribly useful given that it will direct you to this site, but kind of cool: Make your own at QR-Code Generator. Now, for those wondering what this is for, if you have a smart phone there is a free app out there with which you can take a picture of this image and it will redirect you to this website…or give you all my contact info (if I had set it up for that). […]

“New Atheism Redux” Evolution & Religion…again

Frankly, these debates exhaust me and I have little use or time for wading through the morass of words generated by all combatants. This was a very nice article, however, from Michael Ruse on the Chronicle of Higher Education, an atheist against the New Atheists. A snippet: Most of all I detest the New Atheism because I think it is playing into the hands of the Religious Right. The way fundamentalism—scientific creationism, creation science, intelligent-design […]

Scatterings: Ruth as Anti-Tragedy

Eric of Scatterings has a nice little piece on Ruth. As you all know, my current research is on Ruth and Targum Ruth. Eric provides a nice rundown of the plot and how the book is exceedingly positive. There are several points in Hamlet or King Lear where things could get better – where characters might start to understand one another, and the destruction of the characters lives might not be so total. But in […]