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Liberal, minimalist, intellectually discursive John Hobbins

OK, he is not a liberal or a minimalist, but he certainly engages in appropriate intellectual discourse. This is the silly season for me, on the road presenting the college to prospective students and donors alike, so I do not get to read blogs or update my own very often. But there are moments like now where I am holed up in the corner of some Panera, in the corner of some town with a […]

Apple Store Phishing scam

As someone who has purchased an iPad and accessories I am eagerly awaiting news (although I know when it will arrive). So when I received the email below I thought perhaps one or more of the accessories had shipped (the Bluetooth keyboard came last week). Fortunately my spider sense was tingling and I double checked the URL of the link: Clearly a phishing scam. Apple Story buyers beware!  

Apple iPad coming soon: to Amazon and my house!

I have written elsewhere about the iPad and why I think the iPad will work for me. I have placed my order (with a little bit of trepidation, it is the first time I have ordered a 1st Gen product from Apple) and it will arrive a week from Monday. (It would have arrived right on April 3rd but I will be out of town.) And today Amazon has their webpage up and ready for […]

Why do Christians seem to need a body?

Given that we are in the last days of Lent and almost to Good Friday, this is perhaps providential. My automatic Google notification for “Aramaic” brought up a curious article from Psychology Today, “It’s in the Bible…Isn’t It?” This is not a publication I read so I am unfamiliar with Stephen Mason, Ph.D. who is apparently nationally known for his writing and radio show. Nor do I know about his earlier article from last month where […]

Boaz Centrally Marginalized – MARSBL Presentation

Below is the text of the paper I presented this past week at the Mid-Atlantic Region Society of Biblical Literature and, if WordPress plays nicely, the audio of the presentation. This paper is part of my larger work on Targum Ruth. This summer I will be presenting a paper at IOTS on the character of Boaz in Tg Ruth. But first, we need to consider how Boaz is presented in the biblical text. Centrally Marginalized […]

MAR-SBL paper: Boaz Centrally Marginalized

This morning marks the beginning of the Mid-Atlantic Regional SBL (and AAR) meeting. There are some interesting papers but this morning I need to try and finish my paper for tomorrow. I thought I would share the general premise here. Feel free to critique it and if I have the time I will incorporate your thoughts! Boaz Centrally Marginalized Ruth and Naomi are rightly understood by most commentators as the central figures of the book […]

Liberalism: Biblical but not scalable?

My brother is an ardent conservative and rarely dips into biblical themes or concerns, but today he had a very interesting post. I will reserve comment and simply suggest that you take a look. His argument: First, the liberal ideal of caring for those around you is not only a good one, it’s Biblical. We are called on by Christ to love our neighbors. And Christ didn’t draw any neighborhood boundaries, either. On the other […]

IOSOT Registration

Willem Smelik, the President of the International Organization for Targumic Studies, has sent round the announcement for registering for the IOSOT, IOSCS, IOMS, IOQS, and IOTS conference. Dear All, I would like to remind you to register before the end of April to benefit from lower fees. For registration, please use the following website: For accommodation, see For hotels in close proximity to the synagogue, as well as information about kosher catering, see the attached […]