Liberalism: Biblical but not scalable?

My brother is an ardent conservative and rarely dips into biblical themes or concerns, but today he had a very interesting post. I will reserve comment and simply suggest that you take a look. His argument:

First, the liberal ideal of caring for those around you is not only a good one, it’s Biblical. We are called on by Christ to love our neighbors. And Christ didn’t draw any neighborhood boundaries, either. On the other hand, we are faced with an ever-enlarging government that, despite all the best intentions and heartfelt goodwill, never seems to deliver on the “big promises.”

My conclusion? Liberalism doesn’t scale–and it wasn’t ever intended to. For us to love our neighbor we must be in contact with our neighbors. We can care best for those we touch. I suspect this was designed into our nature.

I am not sure I agree…completely, but in practice I think he may be right. Read it all.

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