Aramaic Resources

Jim Davila has already blogged here on these Aramaic resources gathered (and first blogged) by Danny Zacharias at Deinde. Danny’s site is a GREAT resource. Be sure to stop by! I would be remiss if I did not also direct you to the Newsletter for Targum and Cognate Studies that can be found here. I am the online editor, but we only have updates periodically. Of particular use to many are the translations of many […]

Hurricane Katrina: So who was God angry with?

If you click on my profile you will see that I live in (near) New Orleans and that I teach at Tulane University. Needless to say we have been through a lot this year. Whenever catastrophes of this magnitude occur someone always seems eager to step forward and say that God sent the storm/earthquake/tsunami/plague to punish us/them for their sins. This is, of course, the simple reading of many biblical passages and the prophets regularly […]

YAB – Yet Another Blog

[In looking over my earliest blog posts now, July 2012, I realize that this post from January 2006 could be misleading. It appears to be the first post on Targuman, but it is not. Somehow when I migrated from Blogger I lost over a year’s worth of blogs (as you can tell since there is one post prior to this one).] I have been running several blogs for a while now, but each related to […]

Second Annual Ralphies

I will take up Ralph’s (Ed’s) challenge: Best NONFICTION BOOK I read this year: This is a hard one for me. I have read many (and portions of more) but which was the best? I think I will have to go with a re-read of Dorothy L. Sayer’s Mind of the Maker. She examines the nature of God from the perspective of an artist; who better to understand the nature of the Creator than another […]