All over the Hedge!

Saturday we took the ‘fam to Over the Hedge. It was great! I have long been a fan of the comic and I was a wee bit worried that it might be a hash, but no! It was a great mix of “family values” (the “family” in this case consisting of an older Opossum [William Shatner] and his daughter, a family of porcupines, a skunk, squirrel, all led by a turtle [Garry Shandling]; they are joined by RJ the raccoon [Bruce Willis]) and potty humor. William Shatner, as the Opossum, gives great death seen with various allusions to his past roles and even Citizen Kane! (Of course, I was the only one who laughed at the last bit.)

Oh! One more quick link. Be sure to watch this clip to meet the strip’s creators. I think the movie does a great job at keeping the sense of the strip while creating something new.

All in all, go see it! Loads of simple, silly fun, with a good does of morals.

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