Davila on the Da Vinci Code

(Thanks to The Busybody for the title above. I couldn’t beat it, so I used it!)

Jim Davila gives his review of the Da Vini Code. So far he echoes the comments i have heard from others:

I thought it was interesting that the movie not only corrected some errors by omission (e.g., that the Dead Sea Scrolls were Christian documents), it also seemed to go out of its way to correct a few (by no means all!!) of the historical errors in the book. Langdon challenges Teabing’s reference to the Priory of Sion and says that it’s been discredited. (Teabing, of course, says ha ha that’s what they want you to think.) And when Teabing spouts the nonsense about the idea of a divine Jesus only arising in Constantine’s time, Langdon vigorously and correctly asserts that it had been around for a long time before that, and Teabing does not disagree. All in all, that awful bogus infodump in the middle of the book is made more bearable in the movie, mainly because it’s shorter.

(Via PaleoJudaica.com.)

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